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My freaking desktop caught on fire so this project is dead. I'm making a new version of it that will look and perform completely different. So I guess, stay tuned for that.



is this VN still updating?


I'm currently working on two other projects besides this one and I've been pretty inactive online lately.. I have big plans for this VN, as I have a script all set up, it's just that I don't have the resources to do so at the moment.

it wont let me play

If you're on a mac, it won't play.

If you're on windows, you must extract the file before playing.


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Oh, did the in game audio not come through?


Copyright on YouTube has become heavily aggressive especially music1

Sorry about this!


Ouchy, I forgot Youtube might not be okay with that. 


Ah, I just stumbled upon this. I can't say much since it's so short, but I really like the art style, it's very charming. I think the punctuation is lacking in some places, though.

If you need any help with RenPy, or just proof reading, you can ask me. This project seems nice, so I'd be glad to help.

Anyways, I'll be following this, since you've already managed to pique my interest :) Best of luck!


Thank you for the feedback! I'll be sure to polish the grammar and punctuation in the later builds!